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How can you access your home or office PC from anywhere in the world?

As the economy struggles to gain its footing in the job market, many individuals are turning to self-employment and small businesses for their income. In a report published in September 2015, it was quoted that the Office for National Statistics has deemed that one in seven individuals are self-employed. This has caused quite a competitive market in all sectors of sole-propriety as well as in small business. Self-Employed individuals must therefore set themselves apart from the novices and new businesses in order to gain the trust and secure contracts with potential buyers. Having an office (even if it is a homebased office) is an essential part to establishing this creditability.

Why does a home office matter?

Imagine if you will that you have two possible candidates to do a landscaping job on your home. The first guy states that he knows how to do the work, while the second guy has a website, can pull up his certifications, and is licensed through the city. Which one would you choose? The odds are that you would choose the second guy. Amazingly, the second guy may have less experience than the first guy, but because he has an office and can provide relative information to you, he is more desirable.

Typically, if a person has a home office or a small office, that person has registered the office with the city. This adds to the validity of the office in that the client sees that the person is dedicated to their craft. Secondly, if a person has a home office or a small office, the odds are that the person will have some form of marketing in place to drive traffic to their business. Finally, if an office is established, then the client can meet with the business owner in a professional setting. All of these factors play to give the self-employed and the small business owner the upper hand in today’s market.

A home office helps with optimizing time if done correctly

If you are a small business, or if you are a sole proprietary business, then you understand that the cost which you allocate to different areas of your business may be limited. And where you may want to have a physical location, it may not be realistic to your financials. For example: If your monthly intake is 2,000 but the rental costs of a small office is $800 plus utilities, you cannot make a living. However, if you can minimize your office costs to under $100 then you have the means to make a profit. How can you do this?

Using a digital cloud connecting methodology to establishing your office is a great way to optimize your time and your finances. Where a physical building has physical and financial problems associated with it, a digital office does not. Through the use of screen sharing and remote access, you can have one master computer and use any computer in the world for the access/supporting computer. Additionally, with remote access you do not have to worry about running back to the office to get a file or a paper that is forgotten. Simply login to your computer and pull it up.

Remote Access PCs allows for subcontracting easier

Self-Employed individuals as well as small businesses can utilize the remote PC functions to grow their business to unlimited employees while still being under the legal regulations (and taxes) of having only full time employees covered by insurance and such. By having a dedicated work computer (meaning no personal information or privacy materials) you can subcontract your work to third parties which can then work remotely on a job on that computer. This minimizes the back and forth, file delivery errors, compatibility errors, and program malfunctions on the contractor’s computer. By remotely accessing the computer you are assured that you have the work on your virtual desk.

Working with clients though PC sharing

If your business requires that you are away from a standard office and you do not want to tote the information and files about with you, then you have to have a way to access them securely. The PC sharing allows for you to quickly access your computer and then to show needed information to a client. For example: If your services are for catering, you may want to have a price list, or an allergens list on your computer so that you can show your client what you can make, the costs, and examples. If you are a graphic artist working on a large job and a client wants to know the status or add to an order, you can check remotely how things are coming along. The options really are limitless.

Want to find out more about Remote accessing your PC to make your home office?

Making your home office from one PC can help a business tremendously. If you need help with determining how to do this, or if you have questions or concerns regarding remote accessing a PC please contact Showmypc.com. Show my pc allows for access and management of single or multiple unattended PCs. If you are away from your PC, feel free to call them directly at 1-888-930-1116.

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