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1. Just start a new billing for your new plan, and we will cancel and refund the older plan.

2. Open a Ticket, letting us know about this change.
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See your billing email for emailed invoices. Either you are using your Credit Card, Fastspring, Paypal or 2Checkout.

Our invoices are sent every month electronically via Fastspring, Paypal or 2Checkout depending upon which you are using. To change billing information, 2Checkout users may call 1.877.294.0273 and Paypal users can log into their Paypal account to access or manage invoices.

If your payment method is credit card and you are not receiving email invoices, please open a ticket and we will ensure you get email notifications.

These are valid for most legal, tax and financial reimbursement purposes.
2Checkout Users: Change/Manage your subscription or credit card
2Checkout Customers may call 1.877.294.0273 Toll-Free (US and Canada).
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