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Desktop Sharing For Real-Time Online Communication

Desktop sharing is the ability to view and control the desktop of another computer over the internet. This can be done in real-time, allowing two or more people to collaborate on a project or troubleshoot a problem together. The application can be used by those working as a team that requires constant interaction and desktop collaboration. It is also useful in managing the work content of your office PC from your home when the situation demands.
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Desktop sharing is an excellent tool for business situations such as:
 Online meetings
 Online training or sales demonstration
 Web conferences
 Online project presentations
 Remote support
 PC troubleshooting and much more

Desktop sharing is an inherent part of online collaboration solutions and is a great time saver, communicating ideas and requirements in a more precise manner to your team or audience. Nothing works as effectively as desktop sharing if you want to have a confidential and secure meeting with your team. You can get your team members at the same table within a matter of minutes, even if they are all at various locations across the globe.

Industry Applications of Desktop Sharing

Information Technology
Desktop sharing is a great way to provide remote IT support to users and can help teams to resolve issues more quickly and efficiently. Remote support agents can view the user's screen and troubleshoot problems in real time, saving businesses money and improving customer satisfaction.

Desktop sharing can be used to provide remote tutoring or training to students, allowing teachers to share their screens and show students how to perform particular tasks. This can also be used for students for presentations and online collaboration.

Desktop sharing is an ideal tool for giving product demonstrations to potential customers, enabling salespeople to show customers how products work and answer their questions in real-time.

Desktop sharing is a great way to conduct market research and allows businesses to interact with customers in realtime and to get feedback on their products or services.

Desktop sharing can be used by engineers to collaborate on engineering projects, allowing them to share their designs, conduct code reviews, and work together on projects in a collaborative manner.

Desktop sharing is a powerful tool that can be used in healthcare to improve communication, collaboration, and patient care. Some of the tasks that can be achieved using desktop sharing in the medical field include remote patient monitoring, telehealth, and e-learning.

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